24 Hour Request

Emergency AC Repair operates on a 24 hour basis all round the year including weekends and public holidays. The reason why we resolved on a 24/7 operating schedule is because of the needs that our Florida clients have.

Most HVAC systems give indications whenever all is not well. This can be in the form of grinding, hissing or clicking noises, leakages, unusual smells and failed starters. This makes it easy both for the homeowner and our technicians to detect the problems and solve them beforehand. However, in certain circumstances the breakdowns that occur do so without notice and hence the need for emergency ac repairs services.

We have a response unit where all the service calls are directed to so that the appropriate staff can be dispatched. It does not matter the time of day or night or your location because we have vehicles that are dedicated to mobilize our personnel throughout the cities we service in Florida. When you contact us for emergency service requests, we normally ask a few questions so as to verify certain things such as the brand, the model as well as any existing warranties on the unit. This helps us to prepare adequately to avoid back and forth shuttling.

Whether it is deep into the night or after office hours, you can always rely on our HVAC services at Emergency AC Repair.

Fill in your details on the form on your left and one of our qualified technicians or customer service representative will get in touch with you for more support and help on your request.