AC REPAIR North Miami Beach

Emergency AC Repair is a company with years of experience in attending to the HVAC needs of residential and commercial entities in North Miami Beach. Our credibility has grown tremendously over the years primarily because of the nature of the service we offer to our clients. Our center of focus is our customers and we ensure that we do everything within our means to guarantee them an excellent service that meets and even exceeds their expectations.

Air conditioning units are very important in the maintenance of a comfortable and pathogen free indoor environment. Whether you are in the biting cold of winter or the sweltering heat of summer, a well functioning ac unit is your first line of defense against temperature fluctuations and the subsequent discomforts. Because ac systems run on a 24 hour basis, there comes a time when their components become loose or break hence requiring the attention of our service experts.

Why Invest in AC Repair and Maintenance

As a homeowner, you need to plan for ac repairs if your system has been running for long without a break. Such a run can weaken some of the components hence the need for tune-ups. As your system ages, you also need regular repairs and maintenance checks in order to make your system complete its term.

An ac unit that is professionally repair saves lots of energy because it does not have to work double its capacity so as to generate the same level of performance. The components will be running smoothly making it effective in conditioning your indoor space.

Components that Need Regular Maintenance and Repair

Within your ac unit, there are certain components that are vulnerable to damage or breakage. Some of them include the fans, fan belts, filters, compressor and evaporator coils as well fan motors. Our technicians have specialized training in each of these components and as such understand how they work and what makes them underperform. In the event of emergency breakdowns, our response unit that is operational on a 24 hour basis will attend to your service calls as soon as possible. For maintenance purposes, our skilled professionals will regularly inspect these components to ensure that they work well.

Service Plans

Apart from the normal ac repairs, we have packaged our maintenance services so as to cover our clients throughout the year. We know how important maintenance services are in guaranteeing you and your family a trouble free ac performance. To avoid emergency breakdowns which can be costly, we encourage our clients to subscribe to our service plans which are competitively priced and comprehensive enough to cover their every need.

At Emergency AC Repair, we take pride in servicing lots of brands including Goodman, Trane, Carrier, Florida Heat Pump, LG and American Standard. Call us today for a comprehensive ac inspection and servicing.