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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services

If your Florida home uses a natural gas-fired furnace, an oil-burning furnace or any other combustion-based furnace, there is a higher likelihood that your home faces the threat of pollution particles. Other than the furnaces, homes also become vulnerable to pollution caused by heating equipment including stoves, space heaters among other equipment. The particles generated infiltrate every space within your home and this causes a significant deterioration of your indoor air quality.


Emergency AC Repair is a Florida-based professional HVAC company that has a mission to ensure that every home in Florida is comfortable for the occupants and free from pollution. We have a team of experts who are mandated with ensuring quality air duct installations and maintenance. These professionals understand the origin and the entire cycle of the pollutants and go to all length so as to break this cycle thereby guaranteeing you a pollution free home. Clogged air ducts can cause respiratory illnesses including asthma, breathing difficulties, irritation of the eyes, throat and nose as well as allergies.

Why Invest in Ductwork Services

As a homeowner, you have every right to live in a comfortable house. However, this is not always the case because air ducts that take long before being serviced can pose a real threat to your indoor environment. This is why we insist to all homeowners in Florida to budget for regular inspection, repair and maintenance of their ductwork.


Quality Indoor Environment

The day-to-day operations within the house are the primary sources of pollutants and contaminants such as chemicals, dander and dust. These particles when sucked into your HVAC system can be circulated around 5 to 7 times everyday within your home. This recirculation causes a buildup of the particles in your ductwork. A dirty ductwork can contribute to contamination of your indoor environment because microbes reside in these ductwork systems. Regularly cleaning your ductwork therefore reduces the likelihood of you and your family from contracting respiratory diseases.


Significant Energy Savings

Contaminants which line your ductwork interrupt the free circulation of air. This in turn makes your heating and cooling systems to double their effort so as to produce the same level of performance. This shortens the lifespan of your systems and makes them inefficient, a situation that results in high energy consumption. By allowing Emergency AC Repair experts to inspect and clean your ductwork, you will significantly cut down on your power bills.


The Equipment We Use

At Emergency AC Repair, we have an entire department dedicated to air duct services. The equipment and materials that we use are not only safe but also approved by the relevant bodies including NADCA and EPA. We have various tools including video inspection systems, flex ducts and HEPA-filtered vacuums that ensure our services are quality and up to the expectations of our clients.
The detergents we use do not contain volatile organic compounds and as such eliminate the chances of polluting your indoor space during the clean up.


Before we undertake any air duct cleaning exercise, our professionals conduct air quality tests which determine the degree of safety of your indoor environment for you and your loved ones. You can always count on Emergency AC Repair for all your ductwork needs. Get in touch with us today!