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HVAC systems can be complex because a simple malfunction can indicate a deeper seated problem which may need comprehensive maintenance or an overhaul of the entire unit. At Emergency AC Repair, we pride ourselves in offering quality services with integrity and honesty. We do not take advantage of our clients because they are the reason we are in business today.

Before we undertake any HVAC installation repair or maintenance service, we first of all assess the magnitude of the task ahead of us in terms of the time it will take, the level of skill required and the materials that will be consumed in the process. This enables us to come up with an appropriate estimate of the cost to be passed on to our clients.

We do not charge our clients for any estimates that we give because we believe it is our duty to make things clear to the customer before any process commences. Unlike other HVAC companies, Emergency AC Repair does not change its estimates midway because we want to be as predictable as possible to avoid inconveniencing our clients.

In the event the estimates are for new installations, we provide in-house demos so as to give our clients a real picture of how the unit operates and the benefits they are likely to enjoy when they make the decision of installing the systems.

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