Geothermal Heating Margate

Geothermal systems get their energy from the earth. This is considered eco-friendly since the earth energy does not pollute the environment in any way. Research indicates that the earth remains constant at a temperature of between 50 and 55 degrees all year round. During winter, the loop of the geothermal systems absorbs this energy and sends it into the geothermal furnace. Here, it is compressed to a higher temperature resulting in a warm and comfortable home.

During summer, the reverse happens. The warm indoor air is absorbed by the geothermal system and transferred to the loop system which in turn sends it back to the earth. This process cools, dehumidifies and makes your home comfortable. During the heating and cooling process, some geothermal systems capture excess heat which they use for other domestic applications.

Benefits of Geothermal System

Switching from gas or electricity furnaces to geothermal systems gives you an absolute advantage in terms of tax credits which can go as high as 30 percent and you will also save on energy. In addition to these benefits, there are other multiple benefits that you stand to enjoy.

Lower Operating Cost

Geothermal systems are efficient because they deliver about 4 units of energy for every unit of electrical energy used. This translates to an efficiency level of about 400 percent. Since it combines stored energy and save electric power, geothermal systems give you savings of up to 60 or 70 percent for heating and cooling.

Enhanced Comfort

Geothermal systems precisely distribute comfortable air throughout the year thereby eliminating the possibilities of cold and hot spots occurring. To make them more comfortable, you can incorporate a zoning system with multiple thermostats to control temperatures in the different areas.

Quiet Operation

Compared to heat pumps or conventional air conditioners, geothermal systems are quiet while operating meaning that you will not suffer any disturbance coming from the unit.

Applications of Geothermal Systems

There are various uses into which geothermal systems are applied. Some of these applications include:

Geothermal Split Systems – Geothermal systems can be added to furnaces so as to reduce energy bills. Basically, geothermal split systems consist of the compressor section and the A coil unit. These two sections are connected by a refrigerant line known as a line set. In cold temperatures, the furnace takes over from the geothermal system while during summer the geothermal system provides the cooling.

Geothermal Pool Heating – Geothermal systems provide economical pool heating services and can save you between 50 and 70 percent on average compared to propane and natural gas heating systems.

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