Going Green

With the rising clamor for a greener environment, several initiatives have been put forward to ensure that the environment is sustainable not only for the current generation but also for posterity. Energy generation and consumption is one of the key components of the global green initiatives. By reducing energy consumption, you get an opportunity to save on money through lower energy bills as well as the planet through reduced ozone depleting gases.

Several HVAC manufacturers have embraced the going green drive and have produced systems that conserve energy and reduce wastes. By designing green-conscious, efficient and energy saving units, these manufacturers have declared their willingness and support for the planet.

Emergency AC Repair has always offered excellent energy savings product as well as advisory services to homeowners and commercial clients on the types of systems to install so as to save on operation costs and lower their carbon footprint. We emphasize on products listed on the Energy Star program because these products have been tested and proven to be true energy savers.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal systems are among the latest technologies advanced to protect and conserve the environment. They get their energy from deep within the earth and transfer it through looping systems to a heat pump that cools and heats your home. These systems are energy efficient, cost saving and approved by the Environment Protection Agency.

Solar Powered HVAC Systems

Instead of using natural gas, oil or electricity as fuel, solar powered HVAC units utilize the natural energy from the sun. They achieve this by tapping the energy using a solar panel which is then converted and used to power the system in a similar manner as the conventional heating and cooling system. There is a noticeable difference in terms of power bills when you switch to solar powered systems.

Hybrid Heating and Cooling Systems

You can integrate your heat pump and your furnace to form a hybrid HVAC system. When these two units start working, they make automatic switches between electricity and gas which ultimately conserves energy and lowers your power bills.

Energy Star Certified Products

Energy Star certified products are environmental friendly in the sense that they operate with a high level of efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency through this program seeks to wind out inefficient systems and instead replace them with high output units. You will find out that all approved products have 13 SEER rating and above and use eco-friendly refrigerants such as R410A.

For more information on products that will help you lower your energy bills as well as play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions, visit our offices or get in touch with us today.