According to a study carried out by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), indoor air is more polluted on average compared to outdoor air. The study also pointed to the fact that an average 6-roomed house has the capacity to collect up to 40 pounds of dirt, dust and allergens each year within its air ducts. Since dust mites reside in these ducts, a dirty ductwork can easily harbor microbes which cause health problems.

The Threat of Asthma and Allergens

When dust accumulates in the ductwork, it is usually blown away by ac fans and scatters in the indoor space. The dust forms the primary food source of dust mites which in turn cause allergic conditions through their waste. Some of the common allergic conditions brought about by polluted indoor environment include skin reactions and respiratory illnesses including asthma. In order to guard your family from these unfortunate illnesses, you should take care of your ventilation system and have it checked by our experts.

Signs Your Ductwork Requires Cleaning

At Emergency AC Repair, we have the experience needed to identify beforehand the telltale signs of dirty ducts. Among the signs on our checklist include:

  • Dirty vent covers and supply
  • Dark filtration lines on walls, carpets and ceilings that are surrounding air vents
  • Excess dust in the house
  • Airflow or temperature variance within your home
  • Excessive power uptake to maintain your HVAC system

Our Exceptional Duct Cleaning Services

Our experts are NADCA trained and EPA certified in cleaning ductworks as well as vents. When your ductwork is not attended for a long time, debris, dirt and dust accumulates on its channels and this restricts the free flow of air. This causes your HVAC system to go an extra mile in order to circulate air in your indoor space. This increases your energy bills.

We have a unit that is dedicated to ductwork cleaning. We normally undertake a thorough and extensive cleanup process which includes the removal of vent covers for cleaning using specialized equipment. All the corners and bends within your ductwork are accessed and cleaned by our professionals giving you a fresh and free flowing internal environment.

The air duct cleaning materials that we use have low to zero VOC levels. Since high VOC levels tend to pollute the indoor environment, our materials are thus safe and guarantee you a pollutant free indoor space.

For extensive air duct cleaning or just general enquiries, contact us today and we shall link you with one of our professionals.